How Democratic is the UK? The 2012 Audit

Executive Summary Introduction
  1. Block 1

    Citizenship, law and rights

    • Nationhood and citizenship
    • Rule of law and access to justice
    • Civil and political rights
    • Economic and social rights
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  2. Block 2

    Representative and accountable government

    • Free and fair elections
    • Political parties
    • Role of government
    • Role of Parliament
    • Military and police accountability
    • Integrity in public life
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  3. Block 3

    Civil society and popular participation

    • The media in a democratic society
    • Political participation
    • Decentralisation
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  4. Block 4

    Democracy beyond the state

    • External influences on UK democracy
    • The UK's democratic impact abroad
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Using the Audit

Our framework for auditing democracy in the United Kingdom is made up of 15 separate sections, organised into the four main 'Blocks’ shown above.

The framework is very broad-ranging. Taken as a whole, the Audit provides answers to 75 individual 'search questions’, covering issues as diverse as the fairness of the electoral system, the independence of the media and public accountability of the police and security services.

The principal authors of the Audit are Stuart Wilks-Heeg, Andrew Blick and Stephen Crone. The following individuals have also contributions to specific sections: Lewis Baston, Dave Ellis, Raminder Samrai, Stuart Weir, David Beetham, Keith Ewing and David Whyte.

Using the Audit

To access the text and the statistical data contained in the UK Audit, click on the buttons above to navigate your way to the sections you would like to explore. Alternatively, you can use the search function in the top right-hand corner of the page to locate material. The contents of each section are available to view as HTML or they can be downloaded as PDF files.

Citing the Audit

Our preferred formation for citation of the Audit as a source is as follows:
Wilks-Heeg, S., Blick, A., and Crone, S. (2012) How Democratic is the UK? The 2012 Audit, Liverpool: Democratic Audit.

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